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Australian transceiver at the Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach.Australian Transceiver - Photo taken at the Stockman's Hall of Fame

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I don't know what the road and weather conditions are like on a certain track next month, or whenever you intend to travel.
Therefore, I also cannot answer if you will make it with a certain car, or trailer on whichever route you choose to travel.
Australia is such a big country, I just can't tell you what conditions are like on a certain day!
I have provided web-links and phone numbers to check road conditions on the Outback driving tips page.

Due to the growing amount of requests for travel advice it is getting harder to answer all questions, especially when they are very similar and have already been asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Flies in Flinders Range during February? 
The greatest fear is not the blistering sun nibbling on your skins but in fact the annoying hordes of flies darting at you in all directions! I remembered …

Carry a jerry fuel can 
Hi, as I am planning a long trip through NSW and ACT on a corolla. I just wonder if carry 20L of petrol in a metal Jerry can that complies with the AS …

Identifying an Australian snake 
Hi, Can you identify this snake for me please? I live in Thornlands Q4164, I found it few days ago in garage with size under 2 foot, assume a baby …

Bar work in the Outback 
Hi there. My daughter is currently travelling in Australia for one year and has seen a job advertised through an agency for bar work in an Outback hotel. …

Gunbarrel Hwy / Great Central Road - Fuel availability 
I am hoping to travel from the Stuart Highway west to Carnarvon along the Great Western Road. Where can I find out distances I will have to travel between …