Flies in Flinders Range during February?

by Theresa Yeo

Trekking at Mandu Mandu Gorge when the sun hung mid sky at 40 degree. Memorable!

Trekking at Mandu Mandu Gorge when the sun hung mid sky at 40 degree. Memorable!

The greatest fear is not the blistering sun nibbling on your skins but in fact the annoying hordes of flies darting at you in all directions! I remembered vividly how irritating the flies can be when I was trekking at MacDonnell Range in Northern Territory and Stromatolites Pool in Western Australia. I could only convince myself that flies indeed are part of the nature ecosystem, they exist for a reason.

I am glad to stumble over your website by pure chance. Really excited and happy to know there are still some population out there enjoying the Outback life!
It is always my dream to drive a caravan to every inches of Australia, especially Outback and crossing Great Victoria Desert. To me, it is a place of tranquillity, nature almost untouched by civilization and an epiphany I have been searching for.
Whenever I visit Outback, I feel freewheeling and a place where I can find myself and observe the panoramic view spread in front of my eyes. I always have a thought of not coming back to the city to face reality. You know work, which I do not enjoy in any given seconds. I just feel I am wasting my life...as we only die once.

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Jan 28, 2010
Thanks Rita
by: Theresa

Thanks for your quick response. It will be a wonderful thing to absorb the peaceful surrounding without the buzzs and
I am totally ready for the heat wave anyway.

The Outback poem is Marcarena Cool! After reading it, it seems like I have just taken a vivcarious trip from the Outback!

That time at Glen Helen Gorge (West MacDonnell Range), there was a songwriter who performs gigs mostly around that area and sometimes back in UK. One of his folk songs went like this:-

"I?m walking in the wilderness my feets are hurt my lips are cracked. I know there?s no turning back, my home now is a dusted track. I looked around and see bright and red, blue blue skies overhead. Now I've got my desert life, sleeping under the stars at night. My roof is a big wide starry skies and the dingos call my lullaby."

Jan 28, 2010
No Flies
by: Rita

Sorry, I forgot to answer your question.

I've been to the Flinders Ranges a couple of times, but I can't remember that the flies were ever annoying. Do we forget these things?
However, I never were there in February.

September - Wilpena Pound and Flinders Ranges National Park. The days were mild (low 20s C), but the nights were so cold ( below 10 C), this was certainly too cold for flies.

November - Rawnsley Park and Arkaroola, it was nice and warm, and we always enjoyed our meals outside.

Jan 28, 2010
Great photo
by: Rita

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for that nice photo, and sharing your thoughts about the Outback with us.
Yeah, travelling around the Outback for the rest of my life is a dream of mine as well.
This is one of my favourite poems, enjoy it.
The Outback


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