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Adelaide Weather

What is Adelaide's climate like?

The weather in Adelaide is perfect for a holiday most times of the year.
Even the winter months are not as bad as in most European countries and in the north of the US.

Adelaide has four defined seasons which are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. The climate is Mediterranean, which means summers are hot and sunny, and winters are a bit wet and cool.

South Australia is the driest state in a dry continent, so you won't have long periods of rain. The Adelaide weather can be a bit changeable, though.

Current Adelaide Weather

Want to go to the beaches? Have a barbie in the Adelaide Hills? Check here if the weather will be fine for you plans.

Adelaide Seasons

Winter in Adelaide

Temperatures rarely go below 0°C in winter, and you won't see snow in Adelaide. Perhaps in the Adelaide Hills you'll have light frost during the night every now and then. And even if it snows very ocassionally in the hills, this snow won't survive the next day.

adealaide weather sunny day
A sunny day at South Beach

Summer in Adelaide

Summers are said to be hot in Adelaide. Heat waves of 40°C occur frequently, but they usually don't last for weeks. Even in summers the weather in Adelaide tends to be a bit changeable, and you can expect a cooler change after a few days.

Be careful in the sun. Sunburn and heat exhaustion are the main risks for your health, not only in the Australian Outback. Be aware of the danger in the cities as well.

Spring and Autumn

At this time of the year the weather is lovely for any outdoor activities. But don't forget a warm jacket for the nights.

The weather chart below gives you an overview about the Adelaide weather you can expect during the different seasons.

Weather Chart

Average monthly data Jan Feb Mar Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max Temp °C 29,0 29,0 26,5 22,5 19,0 16,0 15,5 17,0 19,0 22,0 25,0 27,0
Min Temp °C 17,0 17,0 15,0 12,5 10,0 8,0 7,5 8,0 9,5 11,5 14,0 15,5
Number of rainy days 5 4 6 8 12 15 16 16 14 11 8 7
Hours sunshine per day 10 9 8 6 5 4 4 5 6 7 8 9

Please note: These numbers are from different sources. They are as accurate as possible. However, I don't take any responsibility if you have a string of rainy days when it should be sunny. :)
For more information check my Australian climate page.

adealaide weather rainy day
A rainy day at Semaphore beach
So, according to the song by Crowded House...
"Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you"

Don't let the Adelaide weather spoil your holidays, whether it is too hot, too cool, or too wet. Take a rain jacket and a warm coat at any time, and you'll be fine.

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