Silverton NSW & Mundi Mundi plain lookout

No, it is not a ghost town!

Silverton in the far west of Outback New South Wales is well known for its appearance in several movies and commercials. Located within true Outback country, the village has attracted artists, film makers and tourists alike.
Explore the town & its surroundings to find the places you might recognise from movies like Razorback, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert or Mad Max II.
Don't miss the Mundi Mundi plains lookout for stunning views & Outback scenery!

The famous Silverton HotelThe iconic Outback pub in 1995

, a former mining settlement, is often described as being a ghost town, which is definitely not true!

Established in the early 1880s, after silver, lead and zinc was found in the area, the population quickly rose to 3000. During the short boom, Silverton had all the major businesses, and even a railway line was built to connect the town with South Australia. The railway operated until the 1970s.

When the rich ore body in the nearby area (which became later Broken Hill) was discovered, it was the death knell for Silverton. People left quickly, and even took their houses with them.

Thankfully, the town never died completely. It remained a popular destination for Broken Hill residents in the first place. Then the beautiful scenery also attracted painters and photographers, as well as the film industry.

Silverton's location on the edge of Mundi Mundi plain gives visitors a true Outback feeling. Come on, visit an unique place that can be easily accessed with your family car. You won't regret it!

Looking to north-west from Mundi Mundi lookoutThe vastness of the Australian Outback

Quick Facts

  • Population: approximately 50
  • Location: 25 km north west of Broken Hill
  • State: New South Wales
  • Elevation: 236m
  • Post Code: 2880
  • Time zone: While NSW is in the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone, Silverton follows the Australian Central Standard Time.
  • How to get there? See the Quick Facts section on the Broken Hill page for detailed directions.
  • Visitor Information centre is located at Beyond 39 Dips, open daily from 9 to 5pm, phone: 08-8088 7566

Silverton Attractions

Visitors can take the 2 hours heritage walk to discover the historic sights of Silverton.

Silverton HotelThe Hotel 2010

The most famous sight in town is definitely the Silverton hotel. It has been featured in countless movies & TV productions. Nevertheless, it remained the laid-back country pub it has always been.

The first pub was built in 1884, only one year later it was replaced by a two-storey building. The latter burnt down in 1918, and then the post office became the pub, until today.

Enjoying a drink at the veranda of the hotelThat's me at my first visit at the Silverton Hotel

Historic buildings
include the Methodist & Catholic churches, a masonic lodge, the old school and other buildings.

Mad Max Museum is dedicated to the movie Mad Max 2, and opened 2010 by a passionate fan of of the movies.

Penrose Park offers picnic areas with BBQs, children's playgrounds, walking trails and tennis courts to keep visitors busy.
Bunkhouse, caravan and camping accommodation is offered, along with shower and toilet facilities.

Discover what life in the early days was like at the Historical Silverton Gaol Museum.

Historical Municipal Chambers in SilvertonMunicipal Chambers

Silverton Municipal Chambers & Surveyor's cottage were both built in the 1880s.

Silverton attracts artist who fall in love with this charming Outback town. They keep the little town alive.
Enjoy the thriving arts scene at Silverton Outback Art Gallery and the Horizon Gallery.

Art gallery in the OutbackHorizon Gallery Silverton

Mundi Mundi Plain

Don't miss the Mundi Mundi Lookout which is only a few kilometres north-west of Silverton. It's here where you get breath-taking views of the vastness of the Outback, an endless horizon that stretches far into South Australia.

My first visit was during the day, I was blown away, but also slightly scared by the big, big nothing. It is such an unusual experience for someone who lives in a densely populated area.

On my second visit, I was lucky enough to be invited by dear friends for a picnic and sunset experience. Neither words, nor pictures can describe this awe-inspiring night. It was absolutely beautiful.

When you drive back to Silverton, or Broken Hill after sunset, be careful in the dark. Watch out for emus, kangaroos and other animals on the road.

Fascinating colours of a sunset at the Mundi Mundi lookoutBreathtaking sunset at the Mundi Mundi lookout

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