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Winton Australia

Birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and Qantas

Once known as Pelican Point, Winton, Australia was first settled in 1875. Today, the town is the centre of a huge cattle and sheep raising district. It's a typical rural Outback town with the flair of a great past.

Walk along the streets and feel the spirit of the bush. Enjoy Country hospitality and unique characters. You'll miss a lot when you travel Queensland and drive past this unique town during your Queensland holidays.

north gregory hotel
North Gregory Hotel Winton

Winton's history is connected with the great sheares's strike of the 1890s. About 500 shearers camped south of the town to show support for shearers on the surrounding stations.

Winton and the surrounding area is also known as dinosaur country. Australia's largest dinosaur skeleton was found outside town in 1999. Visit Lake Quarry Conservation Park 110km south west of Winton to see the footprints of a dinosaur stampede.
It's the typical Aussie humour that Winton hides its dustbins in huge dino feets.

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Points of Interest in Winton

A 2 km walk guides you to the major attrations. Take your time and discover historic buildings and sites.

  • The Waltzing Matilda Centre, Elderslie Street
    The centre combines the Qantilda museum, an art gallery, the Billabong Courtyard, a collection of memorabilia from the pioneering past, and of course the birth of Australia's international airline, Qantas.
    Explore the history from Aborigines time to present days. Enjoy a rest in the Coolibah Country Kitchen restaurant after exploring all that history.
    The museum is open daily from 9am to 5 pm, except Christmas and Boxing Day. On public holidays the centre closes at 2 pm.
    Admission: 19 AUD for adults, 8 AUD per child.
    Unfortunately, the Waltzing Matilda Centre was destroyed by fire in June 2015. It is planned to start rebuilding mid 2016, and to reopen the centre in 2017. I'll keep you informed.
  • Corfield & Fitzmaurice, Elderlie Street
    This building is listed by the National Trust as one of the well preserved old-style general stores. It was Winton's first general store.
  • The Royal Theatre, Cobb Lane
    One of the few operating open-air picture theatres that remained in Australia. Don't miss the nostalgia night on Wednesday at 8 pm when you happen to be there.
  • Winton Club, corner Oodooroo & Vindex streets
    The first Qantas Board meeting was held in the club in February 1921, thus it is known as the "birthplace" of Qantas.
  • Combo Waterhole
    Winton's main claim to fame is that Waltzing Matilda, the famous Australian bush ballad, was first performed at the North Gregory Hotel on April 6th, 1895.
    Written by Andrew Barton Patterson at nearby Dagworth Station, the song became Australia's inofficial national anthem.

    Combo waterhole about 130 km northwest of Winton is believed to be the inspiration for Waltzing Matilda.
    The track off the highway is well-signposted. It is a short walk from the car park to a the waterhole, passing a series of information signs.
    Click here to read more about Waltzing Matilda
The area around Winton is opal country and home of the unique matrix opal. It is a special form of boulder opal which is only found in this part of Queensland.

Winton is, like Cloncurry and Longreach, deep-rooted with the pioneering history of the central west in Queensland. A huge chapter of Outback Australia history was written in this central part of Matilda Country.
Take your time and enjoy!

Accommodation in Winton

The town offers a good range of accommodation. Visitors can choose from a bed in old-fashioned hotels, modern motel rooms and cabins at the caravan parks.

For more info click the "where to stay" link below.

Quick Facts

Population: 954 (2011 census)
Location: Approx. 1,153 km northwest of Brisbane
State: Queensland
Post Code: 4735
Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
Best time to visit:
April to October is the best time to visit when you want to avoid the summer heat.
Winton has full town facilities, hotels, motels, shops & a small hospital.
entrance of the waltzing matilda comples
Waltzing Matilda Centre
historic store
Corfield & Fitzmaurice
waterhole in the bush
Combo Waterhole
information sign at combo watherhole
Information Sign at Combo waterhole

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