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The smell of freedom and uniqueness

When you are looking for adventure travel, Australia and the Australian Outback is the way to go. Whatever your understanding of adventure might be, I know you'll find it in Outback Australia.

What does adventure travel mean anyway? Well, ask five people, and you'll get perhaps ten answers. Adventure is an individual feeling. Physical activity, new cultures, exploring the nature - anything that's different from the lazy beach holidays is an adventure, do you agree?

The Outback guide and this adventure travel Australia page introduce you to the possibilities waiting in Australia. Give it a go and have fun.

two cars in the outback
On the Silver City Highway in northeastern New South Wales

Travelling to Australia is an adventure itself for many people, especially those from the northern hemisphere. The country, and in particular the Australian Outback, still has the flair of being "last frontier country", and it truly is.

Whether you're doing a trip on your own, or choose one of the numerous tours available, there is always an adventure in it. So what are you waiting for?

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Explore the Australian Outback on your own

The Outback Guide covers wonderful regions where you can drive on historic tracks, explore stunning mountain scenery, and experience the wide open spaces of the vast Australian inland.
Adventure is waiting everywhere.

  • Travel on famous tracks like the Birdsville Track, Strzelecki Track and the Oodnadatta Track.
  • If you are really daring, cross the Simpson desert, this is a true challenge and a highlight in the South Australian Outback. However, you need to be well-prepared. Best thing is to travel with a couple of friends and at least two cars.
    Outback South Australia has a lot to offer if you seek an adventure in a remote area. The above mentioned tracks, the Flinders and Gawler Ranges are only a few examples.
  • Discover Outback Queensland, see where dinosaurs roamed in ancient times. Explore the history of central Queensland, the early explorers truly were adventurers when they headed out to this unknown land.
  • These are just the options for the eastern Australian Outback, for which you will find heaps of information on this website.
    Western Australia, the red centre, and the tropical north have many thrilling regions to explore.
    This Australia travel guide offers more tips to plan your adventurous trip to Australia.
  • Cycling the Outback. That's certainly a challenge for hardcore adventurers. I met a few cyclists in the Outback. They really enjoyed their experience. The hardest thing is to carry all the water supply if it is 200 km to the next settlement or roadhouse.

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Whatever your choice for an unique adventure trip in the Outback, it will be something special. Enjoy and take the memories with you.

Guided Tours for your Adventure Trip

Don't want to get lost in that big country? Prefer to travel with like-minded people and have companions to share the excitement? Here are a few suggestions for special tours throughout Australia.

  • Take a camel tour, for example. The ships of the desert are amazing animals. Feel like the early explorers of Australia's fast inland. Australian camels have an exciting history in Australia.

    Camel tours are available from several towns in the Outback. Whether it's an hour ride just for fun, or an expedition for a week, or two, this is certainly something special.

    Want to discover the beauty of Ayers Rock in an unique way? Then a Uluru Camel Tour at sunset or sunrise is the right experience for you.
  • Hot air ballooning is an exciting experience. You even don't have to go off the beaten track. Ballooning companies operate in all states, and from several cities on the east coast. Of course, a flight out of Alice Springs to experience the natural beauty of the Australian Outback on an early morning is a special experience. Balloon flights are available from several cities in Australia
  • One of the top tourist attractions in Australia is the Sydney harbour bridge climb. The 3 1/2 hour guided tour takes you to the summit of the arch - 134 m above Sydney harbour. Hey, that's adventure! If you feel reasonably fit, do the bridge climb. It is an highlight you'll never forget.
  • Why not take a special tour and discover the incredible culture of Australia's indigenous people? Aborigines have been living in Australia for approximately 65,000 years. They are living a rich and amazing culture. You can choose from numerous tours in each region of the Outback.
  • Whichever way you discover Australia you are going to meet some of Australia's unique animals. In my opinion, it is an incredible moment to see the first kangaroo, lizard, or koala on your trip. Birldife is abundant. Take your time, sit down, and enjoy Australia's natural beauty.

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