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Googs Track 2

by Mike (WAX) W.



I Have travelled Gawler Ranges, Googs track, Tarcoola, Kingoonya, Mt. Ives and Lake Gairdner last September.
The only problem we encountered was on Googs track when we noticed the track was getting very chopped up and rough. Further along the track we caught up with a convoy of camper trailer towing 4wd's. As Ken P. confessed he was chopping up the track and shouldn't have been on it with his trailer. (Read KenP's comment).

Its the same thing I found in the Simpson Desert despite warnings from all authorities (Camper) Trailers should not be taken on these track due to the damage caused by towing them on unmaintained tracks.

If you have a camper trailer don't use it in Googs or the Simpson. Not only do you mess up the tracks but it can be very costly for rescuing in the desert when you underestimate the difficulty of dragging a heavenly laden trailer through a very difficult and remote environment. Try a swag or tent in the desert.

I witnessed a naive chap struggling at Poepple corner trying to haul a T'van with a Prado through the Simpson. Needles to say the bloke from Birdsville Desert Rescue who was snatching the woefully under-powered Prado with his 80 Diesel DX over every dune wasn't impressed, but I am sure he charged a truckload for the rescue.

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Apr 14, 2018
googs two way?
by: xdtony

Having done googs south to north was told by a local that he travels both ways on a regular basis . have seen tracks to confirm this,so gonna do it north to south next trio
P.anyone been thru when the water at northern end been up?

Jan 25, 2017
Campers trailers
by: Jack Tudor

It's not the camper trailer it's the driver
Some old story ( o no don't take the camper trailer it will wreck the track ( bull )
I get a little sick of this story / always take the camper as friends do , never had a problem even to the point where we filled in the holes left by 4x4 s with no trailers !

The other point is it's about the Journey Who cares if it has holes in the sand track the wind will fix it !

Ps .......I work and live in the Simpson desert
Maybe I might know lol .
it's all about preparation .

Mar 09, 2015
Towing in the desert
by: Mike Woud

Never the less It is recommended not to use trailers in the Simpson Desert.

Mar 09, 2015
Googs Track
by: Mike Woud

I regard to Kens Question on where to start Googs Track.
Googs track is designated as a one way track from South to North. It commences about 30 kms north of Ceduna and finish is near Tarcoola.

Mar 08, 2015
Towing in the desert
by: Damo

Rita your comments on towing in the desert are silly generalizations. It is incorrect tyre pressures and poor driving techniques that cause track degradation. We tow a camper as we are a family of 5 and have crossed the Googs track and the Simpson three times and never had problems. We often get stuck behind vehicles bogged on dunes who refuse to go below 20 psi where as we will sail over with 14 psi with duel lockers engaged. The desert is a magical place that should be enjoyed and respected. I just wish everyone would stop bagging towing and start educating about tyre pressures and weight distribution.

Jan 28, 2013
How long to do Googs track?
by: Mike Woud

We did Googs Track in 3 days easy. Even could have been 2 days but we took our time. We got to the start in mid morning day one and set up camp at Lake Googs mid afternoon. Next day we made to Mt Finke mid afternoon and set up camp 2. By late morning on day 3 we had reached the Transcontinental Railway service road. From there you can travel east on a well graded road thru Tarcoola and Kingoonya. From there you either carry on east to Glendambo or head south to Mt. Ives Station (1day)then on to Iron Knob. Beware Googs track is a one way track, south to north.

Jan 14, 2013
googs track distance
by: Ken

Hi I am wanting to travel Googs track but am limited on time, so how long did it take you to travel the track and where did you start from, I will be starting from Melbourne
Thank you

Jun 28, 2012
Towing in the desert
by: Rita

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for the great photos and recommendations.

I think travellers should realise that it is not only the question "can I make a certain track with my car / trailer?" that counts.
We should also consider the damage we do to the environment when we take unreasonable decisions.

And a desert rescue is clearly not a fun thing.


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