Birdsville Track Photos

A photo journey along the famous track

Join me on an amazing Outback journey - these Birdsville Track photos where taken during my trip along the track a few years ago. I hope you enjoy these pictures of stunning Outback scenery & they make you want to travel along the iconic track.

Sunset in the Outback town Marree, at the start of the Oodnadatta and Birdsville TracksA stunning Outback sunset in Marree, at the start of the Birdsville Track

It is hard to capture the thrill of driving this great Outback road on a few pictures, but I am sure you will get the idea. The attractions are listed northbound, from Marree to Birdsville.

The old railway platform in MarreeHistoric Marree: Tom Kruse's famous truck & the railway station building

The tiny township Marree is the starting point of both the Birdsville and the Oodnadatta Track. The town itself is worth a visit with lots of history to discover.

Outback ruin and a lonely tree at Lake Harry, South AustraliaLake Harry

The Lake Harry ruin is the stunning reminder of a former date palm plantation. Hard to believe that someone even tried to grow palm trees out there. I am not sure if this is the truth, but I read somewhere that the trees did well, only the lack of bees to pollinate them made the project a failure.

The dog fence in the outback to protect cattle and sheep countryThe famous dog fence

The dog fence, or dingo fence, is approx. 5400 km kilometres long and was built to protect sheep from the native dingoes. So you will find cattle country on one side of the fence, and sheep country on the other.

Cattle at a waterhole along the Birdsville trackCattle at a waterhole

Believe it or not, the harsh land along the Birdsville Track is considered to be good cattle country.

Mungerannie roadhouse is a typical Outback pubThe pub and a fuel pump at Mungeranie Hotel

Mungeranie Hotel is the only place along the Birdsville Track to get a cold beer, a nice meal, and a hot shower. They also offer fuel, spare tyres and minor repairs for your car.You can camp near the wetland, or have a basic room.

You wouldn't expect the stunning wetlands in such a dry regionMungeranie wetland - a true oasis for birds and humans

The Mungeranie wetland just behind the hotel is a true oasis. A flowing bore created the billabong called Derwent river. Shady trees, and even a spa let you forget the dust and stones of the track.

The desert after rainSturt Stony Desert

Sturt Stony Desert is one of the smaller deserts in Australia. Red gibber (pebbles) plains covered with meagre saltbush as far as you can see. After rain you'll see some grass and scrubs. It's then when the land along the Birdsville Track is called the best cattle country in Australia.

A lonely tree in the desertSturt Stony Desert
The track crossing a low sand duneTypical low sand dunes along the Birdsville Track.

On the old Birdsville Track, the low sand dunes crossing the track were a hazard for drivers. This photo was taken north of Mungeranie, while the dunes further to the south are also known as Natteranie sandhills.
These days the dunes a clay-capped and easier to cross, as long as the road is dry.

A water channel in the desertMoongarra Channel

Moongarra Channel - What a difference water makes! This is a perfect place for bird-watching. Yes, we're still on the Birdsville Track but this is truly a different sight.

An advertising sign in the desertApproaching Birdsville

Would you believe that the road sign offers a cool drink? Now you know Birdsville is coming closer. As far as I remember it was only 30 km to go.

The iconic hotel in BirdsvilleBirdsville Hotel - one of the most famous pubs in the Outback

After 517km of amazing scenery and perhaps some boring stretches you reach the end of the track but not the end of your adventure. It is a long way from here to anywhere!

Do you want to learn about the history and stories of the Birdsville Track? Jackie Stallard's video guide introduces you to all sights along the way. Jackie has lived for seven years in Birdsville, travelled the track back and forth, and compiled heaps of stories and information in her audio guide. 

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