Birdsville to Townsville

by Fred Hartwell
(Norwich, England)

Sand dunes near Bedourie

Sand dunes near Bedourie

I am planning a trip along the Birdsville Track through to Townsville April next year.
I can find plenty of information / maps from the south into Birdsville but not going north west across to Townsville.
Do you have any suggestions please, they are not the sort of maps found on the shelves in UK.
Thank you,
Fred Hartwell

<4>Rita's Reply

Hi Frank,

You have several options to go from Birdsville to Townsville depending on how much time you have and what you like to see along the way.

The Outback Queensland section gives you an introduction about the towns and what to explore there.

You can order this Outback Queensland map online. I think postage should not be too expensive for a map.

Don't hesitate to ask more questions, and happy planning.


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Jan 30, 2022
Birdsville to townsville
by: Anonymous

Can I tow a caravan that way

May 26, 2012
RE: Now I have the memories
by: Rita

Thanks for the feedback (Was it you, Fred?)

I am glad you're back safe and sound, and you enjoyed your trip. Nobody can take your memories away :).

No problem that you mention a great service. I am really happy that all went well.


May 01, 2012
Now I have the memories
by: Anonymous

Hi Rita, well thats the trip all over , 7043 klms in 19 days, bit too much to fully take in the beauty of this magnificent land but time was against us.
I feel that I must give a huge thanks to our hire car ( 4x4) provider Travel Car Centre, no restrictions at all . The briefing on the vehicle before we left the depot was fantastic as was the vehicle itself, a 4.5ltr V8 Land Cruiser that would go anywhere . The safety gear included an EPIRB, ( emergency location beacon) electric winch and small tool kit, oh yes and 2 spare wheels. There were no hidden extras for camping gear either, more a case of well if you need anything else it,s there in the cupboard, help yourself. Look I know that your site is not an advertising Bill Board but these folks, Chris & Angelica ( Sydney Branch) really do deserve a mention. I spent hours in the UK searching the webb for the right hire company and I know that I made the right choice here. They have set the standard.

Jan 23, 2012
by: Rita

Hi Fred,

Ideas conceived over a beer are not the worst:).
The Oodnadatta Track to Alice Springs route is great as well.

Happy planning.


Jan 18, 2012
A small country pub in England
by: Fred Hartwell

Well here we go, 2012 and that means we will soon be starting our trip. The Pub was where the idea was conceived by two "Old Blokes" over a beer. Next stage is the serious planning, with a beer of course.
plans have change from The Birdsville to the Oodnatta Track, to Alice from Sydney.
We have a plan!
How do you upload phots on this site?

Dec 31, 2011
Good wishes
by: Fred Hartwell

Happy New Year Australia

Nov 12, 2011
Birdsville to Townsville
by: Rita

Hi Fred (sorry for addressing you with the wrong name in my first post)

Oh, isn't the planning already part of the adventure? :)

No, you don't need sand mats, but a solid plate to put the jack on could be handy if you need to change a tyre on an uneven track.

These sand dunes in the photo above are beside the road, you don't have to cross them.

The Birdsville Track is mostly firm and stony, while the roads north and east of Birdsville might have some sandy sections.

Are you going north to Mount Isa, or do you cross straight towards Townsville from Birdsville?

Anyway, many of those Developmental Roads in Outback Queensland have bitumen sections which are growing every year.
Even on a sealed road, it is an adventure to drive out there in the beautiful landscapes and wide open spaces.

You know you need to hire a 4WD to go out there, don't you? Car rental companies would never allow a normal car to be taken on an unsealed road, even if the car could manage it.

Happy planning, and thanks for the compliments.


Nov 12, 2011
Birdsville to Townsville
by: Fred Hartwell

Thanks for the info regarding maps, we now have them in our hot grubby hands. Now it's just a case of booking flights ( in the next few days) and then it's adventure time.
Obviously we are aware of the need for a " reliable" vehicle with spares but would you advise that we take Sand Mats with us.( Sydney via Broken Hill and South Australia to Birdsville then across to Townsville in April)
Thanks, and Great site.
Fred (UK)

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