Adelaide to Ayers Rock

by Oriana Sardella

Beware of shafts in Coober Pedy

Beware of shafts in Coober Pedy

we are planning a trip from Adelaide leaving the 6th August to Ayers Rock. We have our flight leaving the 10th August.
We would like to rent a normal car. Is this ok for the route or do we need a different car?
We are planning to do two stops, one in Coober Pedy and one in Erldunda. Are these two cities safe? I have read that in Coober Pedy the crime is increasing and that there are dangers because of hidden mines.
Thank you for the help you could give to us in planning this trip!
Oriana and Antonino

Rita's Reply

Hello Oriana and Antonio,

Don't worry (as Australians say), you will have a wonderful trip.

Yes, a 2WD normal car is perfect for your route. All roads from Adelaide to Ayers Rock (Uluru) are sealed and in good condition.

Erldunda is not a city, there is the Desert Oaks Resort that offers motel and camping facilities, a roadhouse to get fuel, drinks and some food, and the Erldunda homestead & cattle station.

Coober Pedy is a unique place, it is a must see. Well, maybe crime is increasing, but this is the truth for many cities and towns around the world. Most crimes result from too much drinking, so if you use common sense you are okay. It is no problem to walk around the streets during the day.

The hidden mines don't refer to bombs, no worries. It means you should watch out for the holes (opal mines) in the ground the opal miners are digging. See the ventilation shafts that stick out of the sand? (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo) Many people live underground in Coober Pedy, in abandoned mines, to escape the heat in summer. You can even sleep in underground hotels.

Wish you a wonderful trip.

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Jul 18, 2011
Distance from Adelaide to Ayers Rock
by: Rita

Thanks Denise, it's a good point to mention the distance.

Oriana, you'll see the distances between roadhouses and towns on the Stuart Highway page. Driving for hours on the highways can really make you tired. So stop every now and then, get out of the car and breath some fresh air.
And yes, don't drive in the dark, this is really dangerous, and even more tiring.

About bringing food... You can buy your favourite snacks in Adelaide (there is a nice Italian shop in Norwood), but you cannot bring your favourite salami from Italy. It is prohibited to bring meat, sausages, plants, actually any agricultural products into Australia. You risk a heavy fine when they find these things in your baggage.

However, all the roadhouses and towns have snacks, burgers, sandwiches and these things, so there is really no need to take food with you, unless you have some special diet plans.


Jul 18, 2011
adelaide to uluru
by: denise goldie

It might be worth mentioning the distance between Adelaide and Uluru and the need to take caution in relation to driving rest stops etc. Many tourists are impatient about getting there and become tired which is a driving hazard to themselves and others.

When I lived at Uluru the number of tourists that came unprepared etc like not having any water, any spare tyres, were not aware of the dangers of driving at night etc with the cattle you cannot see and roos was just astounding. Hope that they have a great trip but they just need to be aware that it is totally different to Europe. Oh and bring some food with you if you are fussy about eating along the way

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