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West MacDonnell Ranges - a Journey in Time

by Angela

Amazing rock structures

Amazing rock structures

While Uluru is definitely a place to visit for its uniqueness and cultural significance, we found a much more interesting experience going to the West MacDonnell Ranges.

All the valleys, gorges, waterholes, gaps come together to show how amazing mother Earth is and how time helped to create outstanding and unexpected features and structures.

Rocks take various and incredible shapes, some of them appear to be man-made, but they have been there for millions of years. A small stone supports a huge boulder, trees grow sideways and the combination of dark reds, bright oranges, light yellows, striking purples and lots of hues of greens make everything look ethereal.

A visit to these ranges is not a day trip. Spend a couple of days there to discover all the hidden treasures, because there are a lot. And they are a joy for photographers with so many unusual and colourful spots to capture.

Outback is generally associated with heat, flies, dryness. This may be true in summer but if you avoid the hottest months, travelling there is an unforgettable experience and worth every minute of your time.

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Sep 26, 2009
Beautiful MacDonnell Ranges
by: Rita

Hi Angela

Thank you so much for your great description of this wonderful area. I fully agree with you, the ancient West MacDonnell Ranges are worth to visit besides the common Uluru Tours.

glen helen gorge

I especially enjoyed Glen Helen Gorge, a true oasis in the desert, and a place where visitors can go for a swim all year round.

Glen Helen is accessible on a sealed road from Alice Springs within an hour, however, as there are so many gorges and interesting places to visit along the way, one may need a full day for the trip.

Glen Helen Lodge offers true Outback hospitality, either in their motel section, or on the campground.

Travellers with a 4WD can go to Kings Canyon via the Mereenie Loop Road (permit required & available at Glen Helen), and further down to Uluru / Kata Tjuta National Park.

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