Stop the Australian Camel Slaughter

by j

Australian Camel

Australian Camel

Sorry to say that the Australian government is proposing to slaughter camels because they generate green house gas.

Here is a petition to try to get it stopped.
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Aug 29, 2022
Pipi NEW
by: CA

Pipi Uk kaki
In pipi Kaka Land

Pipi Uk kaki
In pipi Kaka Land

Pipi Uk kaki
In pipi Kaka Land

Pipi Uk kaki
In pipi Kaka Land

Jan 08, 2022
Converting the problem into national income NEW
by: Farouk Ragab ABDELMAGID ELmoraly

hello everyone,
I am Farouk Ragab from Egypt and currently residing in Egypt. I have a very large experience in the camel sector. I have a very large work team to hunt camels without killing.
Then comes the idea of a project to market these camels to the Arab countries. Skilled butchers also have camel slaughter, and butchers cut camel meat. You just have to contact me/f_elmoraly@hot on discussing this idea.

May 04, 2020
Stop this horribly killing of camels NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't believe the prime Minister has allowed such a horrible thing to continue we all know the secrets you guys are killing kangaroos and camels i know you set fire on kolala bear island unreal save these animals from death they desperately need to be saved
I thought Australia cared for the animals i guessed not... Its about moneny and greed

From the states

Ji Montgomery

Mar 10, 2020
Solution NEW
by: Derek

Hi Rita

So what is your solution to the issue of environmental destruction that the camels do. Helicopter mustering, semi trailers to remove them, personnel costs, accommodation, fuel etc etc, who will pay for this Rita, and then where do you put them, but the initial question is who's paying for it, you?
Quite easy to say stop the killing, but what alternative do you offer thats not cruel, is economically viable and doesn't cost the taxpayer a shed load of money?

Station owners cant stand them and shoot them on site, exporting them to the Saudis is all well and good, but again i ask who pays for it.

The solution is managed culling, if there was an economical way to harvest the meat and sell it on the market i'm sure it would be in your local IGA today, but there isn't, so its Helicopter culling until then and what would you rather, a thriving outback which is less impacted by camels and other feral animals or create petitions that city slickers will jump onto and sign with very little knowledge of what these animals do, given its an outback page i thought you may be more in tune with Australian flora and fauna over a feral animal imported from the middle east over 100 years ago.
Rita, will you start a petition asking to Stop the feral cat slaughter, both do immense damage, in there own ways.

I've shot hundreds of camels over the last 10 years and a good size number of feral cats and dogs in the process, you can thank me if you like for making the outback a better place for our Aussie Flora and fauna, and reducing this imported slop. I've been part of the solution to make the Australian Bush a better place,what have been your efforts in regards to controlling feral pests?

One final comment, lets cut the bullshit about the romance of the camel, it defecates and urinates in water holes so nothing else can drink from it, only the camel, and in a desert water sources are scarce, me personally would rather see a massive flock of Goulds finches drinking from a clean outback pond/stream/river than a mob of stinking camels, so lets cut the bullshit about them. There feral, introduced and have to be culled.


Jan 07, 2020
Disgusting NEW
by: Liz Johnson

Yet again, humans killing animals to save themselves. Specism at its worse. Why shouldnt camels have water. What about the humans drinking, bathing, showering etc. Utter cruelty. Humans wont be satisfied until they kill everything but then it will be humans who will die!

May 28, 2018
by: Damo

I have travelled through most of Australia's deserts and spent 20 years living and working in northern WA. You must be blind not to see the environmental damage!! Yes we need to keep some but not all

Mar 03, 2014
to all idiot animal lovers
by: Anonymous

if man has to be culled who is the first to put their hand up and say i will go first who gives the right to say that another has to die for the sake of over population control,camel and other feral animals are different they destroy the eco system,plus who's going to fit the costs of rounding up and transporting wild camels I don't have the money (do you)?p.s I don't like animal cruelty as much as the next person

Sep 16, 2013
Glasshouse Greenies.
by: Phil

It must be lovely driving through and looking at the beautiful animals we call Camels. But I ask you, in your towns, do you get pest exterminators and tins of moretin to eradicate your pest. Do you swat and kill mossies and flys, trap or poison mice and rats?. Same out here, they are pests, what is the difference.

Do your reasearch.

Those who live in glass houses.

Jul 19, 2012
animal lover

Why is it always animals who need to be culled???
Be realist now humans have, and will continue to rape this earth and cause more degrigation than any living creature-----WHO introduced the camel in the first place---HUMANS. so why now are they a pest, why do we have to kill every thing that is good, not it's fault for being here in the first place. come on out of the ivory towers you so called governers.

Aug 06, 2011
Camel Cull
by: Rod

Camels need to be culled, not for green house gases but for the destruction they do to the environment and the harm caused to native animals.

Jul 03, 2011
There must be a better way to solve the camel problem
by: Rita

Hi J,

Reading the proposal to cull camels in Australia for carbon credits is the most ridiculous story I have ever heard.
I sincerely doubt that killing hundreds of thousands camels and sell the carbon credits to national and international green gas polluters will help our planet one iota.

Sure, the Australian government has to find a way to reduce the immense amount of feral camels in the Australian deserts. The fact that the camel population has grown too big and causing problems to the environment and communities is not new.

But killing them and let the carcasses rot in the Outback is a waste of resources.
Knowing that the milk of one camel would safe a few children from starving in other parts of the world, makes me think this can't be right.

Hopefully, a bright mind comes with better solutions to solve the camel problem in the Australian Outback.


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