Road Trip Adelaide to Ayers Rock

by Avi

Port Augusta Caravan Park

Port Augusta Caravan Park

Hey mate, we are driving from Adelaide to Ayers Rock. We plan to leave Adelaide at 22:00, head to Port Augusta by 2am (rest there), hopefully we can just sleep for a few hours in the car and then leave from PA to Coober Pedy (have lunch there) and then head off to Ayers...

Question is:
1. Are there any places in PA to crash just for a few hours? we are 5 guys.
2. Also is this is a good journey?
3. What are some of the things you recommend we take in terms of clothing (mid dec)?
4. Do you recommend any other stops along the way?

Hope to tell you our story after the journey.


Rita's Reply

Hey Avi,
Jeez, you guys are in a hurry!
I'd suggest that you're looking for proper accommodation in Port Augusta before you head to Ayers Rock/Uluru. After all, you still have more than 1000 km to cover when you leave Port Augusta.
Can't you leave Adelaide earlier to have a good sleep in PA?

You could stay at the Shoreline Caravan Park or the Backpackers Hostel if you're on a tight budget.

Yep, it is a great journey, especially if you take your time. Coober Pedy is well worth to explore, and stay for a night there.

It will certainly be hot in the red centre in December, so take your hats, sunglasses, sun protection, but don't forget a warm jacket or jumper for a cool night in the desert. Also, take a pair of sturdy shoes if you plan to do some walking. It's no fun to walk in thongs all the time on stony and sandy ground.

Refer to the Stuart Highway main page for more info about the route.

Hey, it would be great if you come back and tell us about your journey.

BTW, here is a list of great Uluru Tours, just in case you're looking for a tour.

Have a safe and fun trip.


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Apr 02, 2012
Great trip
by: Rita

Hi Jay,

Thanks for sharing your itinerary. This is a great trip, although you'll have a few long driving days.
But sometimes we just don't have the time for longer trips.

There is nothing more I could add, you've done your "homework" well :).

Have a great trip, and yes, let us know how it went.


Mar 30, 2012
Adelaide to King's Canyon and back.
by: Jay

Hi Rita,

I wanted to share our trip with you because it has taken a lot of planning and your site has been helpfull. We haven't actually left yet but we can fill you in on how it went. Additionally if you have any tips, please let us know.

2 adults and 2 kids driving in a 2WD.

Day 1
Adelaide to Pt Augusta - Wadlata Outback Centre

Pt Augusta to Woomera - Heritage Centre

Lake Hart to Glendambo to Coober Pedy - Sightseeing and looking out for Wedgetail Eagles ;) and staying at Radekas in Coober Pedy

Day 2
The Breakaways, Moon Plain and Dog Fence - Sightseeing

Back to Coober Pedy to see Umoona Mine, Josephine's, Big Winch/Noodling, Old Timers Mine.

Coober Pedy to Painted Desert - Sightseeing

Painted Desert to Marla - Travellers Rest

Day 3
Marla to Uluru - Cultural Centre, Kuniya Walk

Uluru to Kata Tjuta - Walpa Gorge and Sunset View

Kata Tjuta to Yulara - Ayers Rock Outback Pioneers accomodation

Day 4
Yulara to Uluru - Guided Mala Walk, Cultural Centre presentation, Talinguru Nyakunytjaku walk

Uluru to Kings Canyon - Staying at Kings Canyon Resort

Day 5
Kings Canyon Circuit - Hopefully plenty of sightseeing (would love to stay longer than 5 - 6 hrs)

Kings Canyon to Marla - Travellers Rest

Day 6
Marla to William Creek - Permit for Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs

William Creek to Coward Springs - spa

Coward Springs to Wabma Kadarbu - sightseeing

Wabma Kadarbu to Roxby Downs - Arid recovey tour and accomodation at Roxby Downs Motor Inn

Day 7
Olympic Dam Tour

Roxby Downs to Pt Augusta - Arid Botanic Gardens

Pt Augusta to Adelaide.

Dec 11, 2009
Thanks Wadlata
by: Rita

Great to hear from you at the Wadlata Outback centre. I've visited the centre a couple of times and enjoyed my visit every time.
That's why I encourage everyone to visit the Wadlata Outback Centre on my Port Augusta page:).


Dec 10, 2009
by: Wadlata

Hi hope you all have a great trip..Port Augusta has a wide range of accommodation. You may like to have a look at our website...Wadlata Outback Centre. I am sure you will find something to suit all budgets. Also if you call into Wadlata, which also is an accredited Port Augusta Visitor Information Centre, we can provide you with all of your information through to the Northern Territory. We would love to help.

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