Morgan on the mighty Murray River

by David Cox
(Geelong Victoria Australia)

Landseer warehouse museum

Landseer warehouse museum

Morgan in South Australian was established in 1878 and quickly became Australia's busiest inland port during the bustling river trade of the early 1900s.

With a busy rail line that boasted 6 trains a day from Morgan to Adelaide about 170kms away in the states south, Morgan was once the jewel on the Murray.
Gone now are the majestic river boats, barges and their crews that once dominated this area. Gone too is the rail link that once played such a integral role in South Australian history.

Today Morgan is a very different place, but with its history well preserved and on display it is a great place to visit and explore. A visit to the Landseers Warehouse will provide a snapshot into it's incredible past.

Morgan has a very clean and comfortable caravan Park right on the river bank and with 2 hotels and a small selection of specialty shops it is well worth a look.

Many of the old buildings remain and a clearly marked heritage walk is a great way to revisit this by gone era.
The Wharf was, and still remains one of the most impressive examples of its kind on the entire river Murray system.
The old station masters residence still remains a long with many other rail buildings.
A small building that sits on the banks of the river and constructed from local limestone was once the local Morgue. Erected in 1886 victims of accidents along the river were taken there by steamer prior to burial.

Camped on the banks of the beautiful river today it is hard to imagine the hardship our early pioneers endured. Morgan a great spot to spend a day or two.

Here are more of David's beautiful pictures.

The Station Masters Residence
The Station Masters Residence

Machinery from a by gone era
Machinery from a by gone era

The Wharf
The Wharf

Early morning on the river
Early morning on the river

Photos copyright David Cox, Geelong, Australia. Submitted April 2011

Comments for Morgan on the mighty Murray River

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Feb 06, 2015
Morgan / Geelong
by: Bob Mcfarlane

Hi David
I do hope you enjoyed Morgan on your trips, I also have ties with Geelong, My Uncle was a Joe Helms who was a dental surgeon and had his practice in the T&G building in Moorabool St back in the early 1950s and was known as the peoples dentist in Geelong his wife was my mothers sister, what a small world.
Bob Mcfarlane.

Nov 28, 2014
by: Rita

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your update. I wish you happy & joyful days in Morgan.


Nov 26, 2014
Original residents
by: Bob Mcfarlane

Hi everyone. Just adding a further comment to the previous comment, I will soon be retiring in late 2015 and have bought a house in Morgan and will be a resident of the town and I could not think of a better place to retire and will love it along with my 2 little dogs. Cheers to all.

Jun 20, 2011
Original Residents
by: Bob Mcfarlane

Hi Everyone.
I am one of the decendants of one of the pioneering families of Morgan. My Grandfather was born across the river opposite the Morgan wharf in 1887, the house he was born in still exists behind Marion Lodge which belonged to Schillers, the house was moved from across river.
My Grandparents are Belinda and Bill Mcfarlane and I used to spend all my school holidays there. I remember when we used to have picture night at the Institute and a Guy by the name of Mullins was the projectionist, also when TV arived watching TV at the shell roadhouse that Alec Nairne ran.
I will have to get back to morgan and have a look around to bring all the memories back again, I am in my mid 60s now and need to get all the family history together to hand down to my Son and his family.
by the way, Marion Lodge is Number 1 Railway Terrace not No 27, unless they have renumbered all the houses and buisineses and the numbers dont go that high anyway as there is only about 13 houses and buisineses in Railway Terrace.

May 01, 2011
Historic Morgan in South Australia
by: Rita

Hi David,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful report about Morgan.

I've stopped in Morgan a couple of times. But I have to admit that I haven't seen all the places you show in your beautiful photos.

Thank you,

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