Lyndhurst to Marree road conditions

by John

What is the road surface between Leigh Creek and Marree? On Google is looks sealed, but on most maps I have looked it, it is shown as unsealed.
Reason is we have a caravan, so do we leave the van in Leigh Creek and just drive from there, or can we travel to Marree? Your advise would be appreciated.

Lyndhurst to Marree road
Road from Lyndhurst to Marree

Rita's Reply

When I was in Marree a few years ago, the lady at the caravan park in Marree proudly told me that the road to Lyndhurst is going to be sealed. Roadworks were already underway and the foundation had been laid.
Is it finished? Not yet. There are stretches of bitumen at the Marree and Lyndhurst end, and somewhere in the middle.

However, everytime I drove from Lyndhurst to Marree the road was in a good condition. It is a good, wide gravel road, no steep creek crossings which could prevent to manage it with a caravan to Marree. Of course, good conditions can always change after rain. As always, check before you go.

ruins at farina
Ruins at Farina

Don't forget to stop at Farina, about 24 km north of Lyndhurst. The buildings are all ruins, but nice to look at. Inside the houses are signs with pics and info about Farina in her good days. Actually, a group of volunteers is working hard to preserve the ruins.
Camping is available at the nearby campground.

If anyone has been on the Lyndhurst to Marree road recently, please give John some info about the road conditions, thanks.

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Lyndhurst to Marree road conditions NEW
by: Rita

Thank you all for the updates.


Marree bitumen NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi arrived in Marree 23 June 2019 .Road is Bitumen to Marree good surface

Road to Marree NEW
by: Anonymous

bY the 21st June 2019 the road will be sealed all the way to Marree. I work for Boral Asphalt SA as a member of the work crew.

Thanks for the update NEW
by: Rita

Thanks for the update. So this means the road from Lyndhurst to Farina is sealed?
Or from Marree to Farina?

Farina road NEW
by: Anonymous

Road to Farina is finally sealed as of June 2019.

Lyndhurst - Marree
by: Rita

To my knowledge, there is only a small section sealed, perhaps one third of the 80 km route.

When it is dry, the road is usually in good condition.

Condition of road
by: MAL

How much of this road is bitumen, please?

Road between Lyndhurst and Maree
by: Desert

Riding bike to Maree is it sealed to the end yet thanks

Check road conditions
by: Rita

Sorry Wayne, I replied a while ago, but it got lost somewhere.

Right now (March 2016) the William Creek to Oodnadatta section and the roads to Coober Pedy are closed due to rain.

Check the weather reports and Outback roads reports before you go. I can't predict what the weather is like in May.

In dry weather you are okay with a Landcruiser and off-road van.


Oodnadatta Track
by: Wayne

Hi Rita My wife and i are planning a trip through Leigh Creek to Oodnadatta we have a Landcruiser and an Off Road Caravan i was wondering if this would be ok.It would be in May.
Thanks Wayne

by: Anonymous

Came back yesterday . There is now bitumen on approx 8 km at lyndhurst and marree and a 17 km section in the middle. Gravel track bait slippery after rain

Fine except after rain
by: Richard

This is a well-maintained and frequently graded dirt road. In most circumstances a caravan will have no problems. However, after decent rain it is frequently closed for a couple of days, and is then 4WD only for another day or two until it has dried out. A lot of big 4WDs with camper trailers tend to get on it as soon as it is open to 4WD, and can chew the buggery out of it.

Personally, I would not try this road with a caravan after decent rain until the grader has been over it. The Lyndhurst pub or the servo will tell you what it's like.

Note that 2010 is currently a wet winter and it has already been closed three times (it is closed at time of writing).

Bottom line: ask at the Lyndhurst pub or servo, and if you decide to go up, keep an eye on the weather forecasts to make sure you don't get stuck at Marree for a bit.

Lyndhurst to Marree rd
by: Jimbo

We have just come back from travelling this road with off road and on road Jayco vans and found it to be in better condition than some so say bitumen roads. Th enorthern end is sealed into Marre as is the bottom end from Lyndhurst. If it rains you will strike trouble as some of the surface is just clay base, the rest is well formed gravelwith only a few very minor low dry water crossings and the occasional stock grid.

Just Ask !
by: Tony B

I have found that there are a couple of sources of road condition information, (apart from Rita's Outback Guide, of course!). The local Police are usually helpful - they don't want tourists getting stuck out in the backblocks. So give them a call in the week before you set off, tell them your route, give them a description of your vehicle(s), and ask them if there's anything you should know before you set out.

Similarly, you could call local publicans and/or caravan park owners. Finally, the South Australian Department of Transport, Queensland's RACQ, and even some of the local Shire Councils have road condition reports on their websites

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