Birdsville Track with a caravan

by Peter

Mungerannie wetlands, Birdsville Track

Mungerannie wetlands, Birdsville Track

Hi Rita, Lyn and myself are planning a trip to the Birdsville races travelling up the Birdsville track.
My question is, is it suitable to tow a caravan on the track, we have semi off road caravan.

Regards Peter Davison

Response to Birdsville Track with a caravan

Hi Peter,
wow, a trip to the most famous races in the Australian Outback, that's a bonzer plan!

I admit I don't know what a semi off road caravan looks like, what does the "semi" stand for?
Anyway, if it is an off road caravan, you'll be fine.

The Birdsville Track is very stony, rough and dusty, depending on when it was graded the last time. But if you prepare your vehicles accordingly, you shouldn't have any problems.

Here are some tips for a smooth ride.

Fix cupboard doors and all items in the caravan, otherwise you might have a bit of a mess when you arrive in Birdsville.

If possible, carry two spare tyres for the towing vehicle and the caravan. The track is known to be a challenge for tyres.
Lower the tyre pressure to prevent punctures.

Cover the rear windscreen with a cardboard carton and fix it properly. Also protect your water tank if it is fixed underneath the caravan.

Carry some tools to fasten everything that might go loose. Check my Outback driving and safety tips sections if you need more info.

BTW, the Birdsville caravan park doesn't take bookings during the race week. First in first serve rules at that time.
There are free campsites on the banks of the Diamantina River with a few portable toilets near common campsites.

Take your time, drive slowly, and enjoy your journey, and the races.

Use the comment link for further questions. It would be great if you come back in September and tell us about your experience.


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Jun 26, 2024
by: Maree

Hi From reading about the road conditions, i do not think it would be a good idea to take my 2wd winnabago over this road.

Jun 26, 2024
by: Maree

Hi From reading about the road conditions, i do not think it would be a good idea to take my 2wd winnabago over this road.

May 11, 2019
Birdsville from tbetoota
by: Steve

We r travelling from Bedourie to be toots n then to Birdsville we have a semi off road ( but higher than a road van) is their anything special we should do or prepare for some people say cover all your under caravan pipes is this necessary

May 03, 2015
Toyota Hilux
by: Bruce

My wife and I will be doing considerable traveling later this year and next in a Toyota Matilda Motorhome. It is 2WD Hilux dual fuel vehicle. We are apprehensive about doing the Birdsville Track... opinions anyone?

Aug 28, 2014
towing on road van to Birdsville Races
by: Robert

Thanks Robyn going down through Bedourie have been told the road is mostly bitumen.


Aug 26, 2014
Birdsville track with van.
by: Robin Reed

You should have no trouble if you follow the advice given on this site and drive carefully.
HOWEVER, check before you leave as to whether the Cooper is flooded. If it is you will have to use the ferry but if you exceed 9 metres in total, you will not fit. You can unhitch the van as there is a truck which can take it across on the ferry BUT it can only take 6.9 metres from memory, so if your van is too long you will not be able to cross.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.

May 27, 2014
Towing an on road van to Birdsville Races
by: Robert

would like to hear from any body who has towed there on road van to birdsville if it is safe to do so and what direction the came from all comments apreciated

May 09, 2013
Birdsville treks.
by: Bundy

If you are wanting to tow on the Birdsville Track make sure you lower your tyre pressures on car and van to around 18-22 psi otherwise you will punture tyres! Replacement tyres at Birdsville garage will cost you around $800 each! Also you must fit a stone guard to the A frame of the van otherwise you will smash the back window of your car. The cardboard taped over the back windows will help but it's far better to stop the stones flicking up onto the cardboard than let them hit and perhaps break the window. Take you time and you should be ok with your semi off road van. Just need to watch that you don't bottom out your van.

Jul 06, 2012
Birdsville track
by: AnonymousGwen

My husband and I have travelled the birdsville track twice in 2 wd vehicles. Once in a 1939 school bus. That was in 1971 when the track wasn't graded like it is now.Then again in early 80 s still 2 wd vehicle.Never had a problem. It is how you drive. Don't be in a rush. It took us 4 days. Going again to the Birdsville races. This time in a coaster via Tibbooburra. Coaster bus.

Jun 20, 2012
Birdsville Track in a bus?
by: Julie

Looking at going to the Birdsville Races in 2012, would really love to get there by taking the kids and going in our old bus. This bus is not 4wd though, has anyone travelled the Birdsville track firstly in a bus or not in a 4wd? Any advice would be much appreciated


May 17, 2012
birdsville track
by: brendan&pam

Can other caravaners teel me if you have done the birdsville/lake/and return .We have a jaco extender van would we need any special set up to do this trip.we plan to leave qld late june any info would be muvh appeciated

Jun 02, 2011
Birdsville Races
by: Rita

Hi Brenda,

Here is a list of services where you'll find the latest road conditions info.


May 29, 2011
by: Brenda

hi,my husband myself and 5 other couples are heading to birdsville also for the races,just wondering the best site to keep watch on road conditions etc,we all are towing and plan plenty of off road camping...with thanks

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