Balloon trip Ayers Rock

by Jackie - Submitted Feb 2010

Uluru at sunset

Uluru at sunset

Could you tell me if I could get a balloon trip around Ayers Rock? Could you give me an idea of cost and how long the trip would take?

I plan to travel to Alice Springs by train and visit Ayers Rock from there. I will be travelling from the UK and travelling around the country (train?).

Could you tell how long it would take to get from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock by road and how I could get there? Bus or hotel transport?

Rita's Reply

Hi Jackie,

I don't think there are balloon flights available around Ayers Rock / Uluru. As far as I know there are only helicopter flights. However, balloon flights are available in Alice Springs.
There are also tours from Alice Springs to Uluru, one-way and returning tours, and a shuttle bus service (takes 5 1/2 hours).

Here is an overview about tours at Uluru. You can also take a tour back to Alice Springs, or the shuttle bus.

The Ayers Rock resort is about 18 kms from Uluru. If you don't have your own car, you'll need to join a tour, or rent a car at the resort.

The best way to travel around the country depends on where you want to go, and how much time you have. I am not very familiar with the train system in Australia. As I am a keen photographer, I want to stop wherever I want, so a train is no option for me.

You could fly to the East cost from Alice Springs or Ayers Rock. It is hard to make suggestions if I don't know where else you want to go.
I hope this helped you for your planning.


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Feb 25, 2010
Thank you
by: Jackie

Thank you for the information Rita,

My main plan is to land at Perth, travel the western cost (hope to sail) then to Darwin and by train as I said to Alice Springs.
I have read Neil Shutts "A town like Alice" so many times I want to see the place, also I feel I have an idea what it was like during the 40' & 50's.

From there (Alice Springs and Ayers Rock/Uluru) train again to Sydney (family & pen pal).
Next train I think,to Cairns to spend time on and around the Great Barrier Reef.
Then time in New Zealand before back to the UK.

The tours sound just right for me and will probably I book a flight around Uluru.
I have found a web site for trains, with the information you have given me, my plans can now go forward a little further.

Thank very much

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