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Back to the Past.

by John B. Wade
(Camberley, Surrey, England.)

Suzie, the one-eyed horse.

Suzie, the one-eyed horse.

The photo is of Suzie, the one-eyed horse, the guy on the back is me, one of the last £10 Poms. At least I think it's me because after 37 years I look a bit different, sadly.
A year ago, for the purpose of a book, I decided to try and Google-up an image of Blue Range Station on the banks of the Burdekin in Queensland, and it took quite a lot of hunting before I finally found it. The smudgy image that I hovered over could have been anywhere.
A long story later and I turned up back at Blue Range, staying with Eugene Matthews, who'd been my companion at the time. Much had changed, and yet nothing. The stockyards were there, the gums, the wide sandy river and this old stringy bloke with the wry smile and a cattle-dog by his side.
I could tell a lot of yarns but I'm saving them for my book. Nine weeks in Oz and it was back to the UK with a stack of memories and a wish to return some day soon. I'm 60 now and I may not be too hot on a horse so it's just as well they use bikes for mustering. To me it all feels as though it happened yesterday! This is why, with all the changes, I hope Australia never looses touch with it's heart so that, when I do come again, I'll still be able to find it. As for Suzie - may she rest in peace - she was one hell of a Sheila!
John Wade.

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Oct 26, 2009
Great story
by: Rita

Hi John,

thank you so much for sharing your memories and the lovely photo with us.

Australia is a special place. I second your wish, and somehow I know, you'll always find Australia's heart somewhere.


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