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Hunting pigs and goats in Outback Queensland

FAQ about hunting in QLD

Hello Rita, my name is Adrian Perre. I am after properties to hunt in south west Queensland. Don't know if you can help me. Thank you.

This single question submitted in the forum section of the Outback Guide many years ago caused a flood of comments by other people interested in going to hunt.
At first, this thread didn't offer much help for those who searched for a place to hunt. But finally, station owners submitted their contact details.

I couldn't help Adrian immediately. My initial reply to him was more than embarrassing as hunting is not my business and my knowledge is next to nothing about the subject.
I know that feral pigs and goats are a pest, and a threat for native animals, though!

Doing some research I learned that hunting is regulated by each state and territory in Australia, and the rules vary. In Queensland it is only allowed to hunt feral animals like European rabbits & foxes, feral goats & pigs etc. Hunting is possible on private property provided the landowner grants permission. A current firearm licence is needed and some stations only allow bow-hunting.

Now I have accumulated the collective wisdom on this page. Hopefully, everyone finds an answer to their questions and a suitable place to go hunting.

station entrance in rural Queensland
Station entrance in southern Queensland

Please Read:
I invite station owner who offer hunting on their property to email me so I can add your details here. Please provide the name of the station, locality, and how interested people can contact you.

People who are searching for places to hunt: Please do NOT contact Ritas Outback Guide. I offer the information on this page only as a service for you, I do not act as an agent.
You need to contact station owners yourself. Thank you.


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Rent A Campervan

Narran Station
by: Sophie

Hi, we have as many pigs as you want, there is an infestation of PIGS and everything else, come all year round!!
Come to Narran in the south-west, full amenities (shearers quarters and bathrooms) $60 a day, 100,000 acres to free roam.
Bow Hunters are welcome as well.
Call (07) 4654-0188

Hunting on the property
by: Greg GOULD

Firstly i would like to say a big thank you to both Chris and Sophie for letting Tyson and myself to stay on your property. Thanks for helping us out when we were stuck :)
For information and your own informed decision.
We stayed for 4 days in the shearers quarters. Fully self contained with stove and microwave, a/c, tv. All sufficient for our needs. Bring a fry pan.
The rooms are fine with 2 single beds in each. Bring either linen or perhaps a sleeping bag and pillow. The shower block contains 2 showers with good hot water. The tap water is fine but it seems to have a slippery feel to it. Not sure what it is but I am still alive LOL.
Hunting: well lets just say that we only saw 3 pigs however other wild life ferrals all around the area. IMPORTANT: I highly recommend that to get around this property bring a 4wd. Although we had a sedan and it was raining a 4wd would be better. The best service provider is Telstra, although no service at the accommodation i believe that there is service nearby. Just grab a telstra sim.
Thank you again Chris and Sophie. We will be out again one day.
Greg and Tyson GOULD.

Emu family
Emu family in far west Queensland

by: Stix

It is a real shame that people like us, people who love the bush and outdoors, camping, fishing and hunting etc have to beg on places like this. I have lived in Central Queensland for 6 years now and have not fired a shot since i moved here. I have asked countless people for permission to hunt and always get a "sorry but we don't allow it, we had someone ...gates ...tracks ...etc"
How am i supposed to teach my kids the joy of hunting?
Very frustrating.

by: Mark
G'day Stix,
Mate can appreciate your frustration. From a landowners perspective, the only way we can be sure that people are going to be responsible, and respectful of our land, our livestock, home and place of business,is to do as Narran Stn and ourselves do - charge for hunting access. Liability issues for example, are a none issue with paying hunters - they want to return.
However, the number of liability issues with none paying hunters has risen to out of control claims across Australia. Landowners like ourselves are only able to offer places for hunters to legally hunt, if we have liability and under paying customers. No doubt many hunters are frustrated - but landowners can assure you it is just as frustrating when you go out and find you $60,000.00 bull dead in the paddock, from a hunter who says that he thought it was a "Big boar behind a log" - and non paying hunter at that.
G'Day Mark,
I appreciate that mate, i don't blame property owners for not allowing hunters on their properties. It's the numerous irresponsible hunters who are to blame not property owners.
I know myself and plenty of other hunters would be happy to pay a small fee for permission to hunt. The problem is there are not many properties around who will even allow that.
It seems hunting in general is being pushed out of the average persons reach. You either need to pay crazy prices to go on guided hunts or own a property yourself.
Your average low income Aussie just doesn't have a chance these days (Unless they are lucky enough to live near a paid property or have family with land etc)


Kanagoo sitting in the bush
Kangaroo sitting in the bush

Morrie Station
by: Mark
50,000 ac available to hunt and fish on camping. Responsible hunters (shoot or bow). North West Charleville (river flood out country).
$60.00 per person per night. No shooters on block for over 16 months!
We have now diversified into camping / caravanners - SELF CONTAINED only as well.(YOU BRING EVERYTHING) Hunting is a different price, due to the nature of that sport.
Hunting $60.00 per person per night - exclusiveness of property (you are the ONLY hunting party on the property)

Camping / Caravanners (ie is NON hunters) for fishing, bird watching, nature walks, history of property - $35.00 PER VAN or $35.00 per tent per night. *limit 4 people in your van or tent - an extra $5.00 per person if over this number of 4. Please email if you require brochure for those who wish to camp (van or tent) only.

For those hunting, again, we can send you the same brochure - but remember it is $60.00 per person per night. Presently hunting booked out till the 15th of May. Hunters having huge success with stalking pigs at the moment - as we leave approx 10 days between hunting parties to increase your success. Wild dogs too are highly sort after at the moment with hunters looking for challenge. Hunters are very successful here too.

This is the first time this property has been open to the public, and has been very well received - our Canadian and English guests left yesterday after Easter break - and are recommending it to nature lovers.
Contact: or Ph: (07) 4654 0284

Thanks Rita!
by: Lisa & Gareth
Hello Rita,
We came across your website home in New Zealand. We have just finished our tip to Oz. Your site was great for tips and places not common for people to see.
We emailed one of your posters on this page, re "Morrie". While not hunters, we asked if we could visit the property, and if there was any bird life.
Highly recommend this remarkable property, full of history. The family there are as you say "fair dinkum Aussie battlers" so we thought we would let your visitors know of our experience, and all thanks to you Rita, otherwise we would have missed it. Keep up the good work, THANK YOU MORRIE!
Best wishes, Lisa & Gareth.
Feedback by Richard
Made very welcome, tracks to certain locations signed and slashed. Colour coded for each point of interest and follow the "Black for Back" home to the camping area. More will be added as time goes by. Bring all supplies if camping, be self contained.

A relaxing break: If you want nature there was an absolute abundance of wildlife as we drove around the property. Emu's running alongside the vehicle, eagles taking off in a magestic style all of their own. Large lizards that we just do not get at home.
Billabongs and the river added that touch of serenity. Big roos hopping everywhere safe in the knowledge they were not going to be hunted. As we drove back to the camp they just stuck their head out above the grass and watched you go by.

For the shooter:
Everywhere there were signs of pig activity, They were wallowing in the mud and had flattened grass areas. At night they were casually trotting across the grass airstrip. There is a policy of not shooting the roos and not shooting in the vicinity of the homestead and camping areas. This ensures the safety of all and the chance for campers to see the wildlife. I'm sure the animals knew this as we drove by. The wild dogs are on the property, you just have to be observant to spot them.
If you want peace and quiet with star filled skies or a place that is not over shot this is it.
We will definately be back.
Feedback by CL
We’re bowhunters and have just recently returned from Morrie. Like to say a Big Thanks to Mark and Family for having us on at their property. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay but mainly the company. Seen plenty of pig activities and wild dog tracks. Other feral game about aswell such as cats and rabbit. We managed to put down a scrub bull which was an unforgettable experience. Gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience through Mark and family. Plenty of good country to cover.
Morrie is not just for hunters/shooters but also great place for campers to experience the majestic wild life in their natural habitats. Highly recommended for all those seeking an adventure and a memorable experience.
Please look after the property owners by respecting and doing the right thing by them as they are sharing their property for us to enjoy.
Also would like to say Thanks to Rita for providing this great service keeping everyone connected.

Hunting Wandibindle
by: Old Fella

G`day all, a couple of mates and I took the time to have a go at hunting Wandibindle Station. I`ve been to the pay as you go properties before and didn`t really expect to see much because of frequent hunting. What a pleasant suprise it was to us. We only stayed two nights but still managed to bag a couple of pigs and a heap of roos. (70 plus). Lots of other species like real rabbits and hares.
The game is a bit skittish because it has been shot at often, but we still found a lot of stupid ones that didn`t get away. I highly recommend using 4wd vehicles because there has been recent rain and some places are a bit soft and sticky. Otherwise the track and paddocks are easy to negotiate.
The owners are very friendly and didn`t bother us at all during our stay. The cottage is great but you would need to be a real bushy to stay in the tin hut. It is very primitive.
Anyway, good hunting people.
More info at Wandibindle Station website

Nariel Station
by: Greg Gould

Nariel Station is a property that I have hunted on. They allow hunting with bows only.
Update: Obviously Nariel doesn't take bookings at the moment, but you can contact the station and leave them a message to be notified when bookings are open again.

More feedback about Morrie Station

by Ruth
(Brisbane, Qld, Australia)

My husband and I recently spent the weekend at a big station, and we loved it. The wildlife started appearing about an hour outside our destination: emus, kangaroos, brolgas, wedge tailed eagles, lizards, and much, much more.
The trip involved the shooting of a wild pig, and now the pig stays in the city! We will be ba-a-a-ck!

skull of a pig on a table
Pig in the city
Reply by Mark from Morrie
G'Day Rita and Ruth!
I am pretty blown away to see this blog here with "pig in the city" photo from Ruth! One pig with a view of the Brisbane River - lots would be jealous.

We here at Morrie are pretty humbled by our guests, both Ruth and many, many others. An absolute pleasure to have on the station, and visit our home!

We have been pretty busy here at the moment, many visitors, hunting and non hunting. The school holidays have been flat out - with a group of 18 arriving (non hunters)! (One of 5 groups over the past few weeks!) This group comprised of adults and children here to give a much needed hand on the station - and our family in return shared the history, station life and some pretty unique stories with them.

One thing that has struck us opening the station up to the public, is the thirst for knowledge of station life, and what is it really like to "live where you live"? Also, lots of questions from kids especially about the bio diversity, the culling of feral animals, and managing of native, and non native animals - Cattle/ Kangaroos.

We have found that adults and children alike, have stated on numerous occasions that this is not what they have been led to believe through main stream media - fact verses fiction, and that people, like ourselves, with the 8th generation on the land, do care, do manage and do love our land, our home our environment.

Our guests genuinely are surprised at what the realities of living on a Station, on the land is like. We are in the process of now doing up managers quarters, so we can cater for those who are not self reliant - hopefully in the not too distant future we can cater and help educate others about life on the land - the real version! :)

Our last caravanners left in Convoy this morning, from Victoria, 2 vehicles slushing through the mud, had a ball, as did their children. Amazing people, all of them. I would love to be able to show photo's too you, however not sure how to upload them here for others to see.

Till next time, keep safe all, hunt safely, and travel safely - there is no place like Australia, or "Morrie" :)


Oct 02, 2012 - Morrie update by: Mark
G'Day, just a quick note to say thank you to all the enquires and recent visitors to the station. Season is a "cracker" heaps of cover for all the vermin! Water is good, with lots of pig activites over the entire property.

Some pretty solid boars have been taken, with some deadly ivory on them - pleased to see that as the boars are getting into the claves and heifers. A few neighbours are burning off at this time of the year, so the ferals are heading to Morrie as refuge.
We have noticed an increase in the rabbit numbers as well in the spotlight - and a decrease of wild dogs (thanks to the bow hunters and shooters).

Would like to thank all of those who have been here for their responsible and respectful actions. As always safety is important to you having a great trip, and for our family business - livestock.
It is great to see that 98% of hunters are fair dinkum and good people which far outweigh the 2% of idots out there - who wont be welcomed back.

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